The “Musica e Sofìa” Association offers numerous initiatives in Italy and abroad to encourage closer contact with great music and promote a full and profound understanding of the art of sound. Activities range from pure teaching to more innovative forms that combine entertainment and learning. They are aimed at music lovers, cultural salons, theaters, high schools, company conventions and training courses.

The goal is to talk about music and let the music “talk”. In a passionate, passionate and non-academic way, reaching everyone, making even the least prepared listener experience the Universe of emotions, symbols and meanings that is contained in the sounds and given off by them.

Among the various proposals:

  • Individual lessons: both theoretical and practical, to deepen the study of a musical instrument, theory and language.
  • Listening guides: lessons in which, through verbal explanation, live examples and listening to CD tracks, you learn to understand and love a piece, an opera, an author.
  • Lectures / concert: led by an orchestra conductor and together with a musical ensemble, it is possible to listen to a piece, “dismantle it” and “reassemble it”. A new way to go deep into the mysterious musical language.
  • Metaphor Conductor / Manager: classroom training addressed to Managers to understand parallels with their profession, dictated by understanding the modus operandi of an orchestra conductor, his way of working, of listening, of enhancing individuality, of get results in real time.
  • Open trials: the culmination of this process, matured by the many “open trials” directed by Canonici at the Ravello Festival. The conductor is in front of the orchestra, equipped with a microphone, and step by step guides the audience to the understanding of a great symphony, overture, concert.
  • Italian for foreigners: we offer beautiful courses to let foreigners learn the Italian language by means of opera librettos. Combining the love for Italian Language and Culture with that for Music, through Rossini, Verdi, Puccini, a stimulating path is offered through specialized teachers to understand the language of yesterday and today.